Strange, realistic visions and dreams invade Rebecca Brennan's mind. When she experiences someone's pain, she's determined to find out who shares her mind. Her search leads to a small town filled with Victorian homes and interesting people. And puts her life in danger. 

“No!” Rebecca sprang up in bed. Hot searing pain bore into her shoulder. What was happening? A warm sticky substance flowed down her arm. Oh God, there was going to be blood. From the feel of it, lots of blood.  Half afraid to look, her hand trembled as she slowly brought it in front of her face and looked at it.  Dry, no blood. . Shivers shook her body. Why was this happening? These kinds of things happened way too often lately. Okay, they were dreams, but still. They were so damn real.
Rebecca eased off the bed. Her feet felt like lead weights as she walked to the kitchen and poured a glass of water. After a big gulp, she hurried back to bed. Shivers racked her body even with the blanket pulled the up to her chin. A minute ago sweat soaked her skin. Now chills shook her. Someone’s life had invaded her mind. Who or where they lived eluded her. And she sure as heck didn’t like it. These were more than dreams. Granted, most of her visions happened in her dreams, but they were real. Besides, too many happened during the day and more frequently.
The pain eased, but fear and danger lingered. Curling up, she pulled the blanket tighter around her, closed her eyes, and willed herself to sleep. Strange visions ran through her mind. Red, white, and blue lights from police cars, fire engines, and ambulances flashed, and police rushed around calling instructions, trying to control panic and hysteria at the scene.
Rebecca rubbed her eyes, trying to erase the visions.
“If only I knew how to find this person. Maybe then I’d find out what these dreams and visions meant.” Her voice startled her in the quiet room. Snuggling deeper in her bed, pushing the thoughts away, she tried sleep.
But sleep wouldn’t come. Her mind wouldn’t be still. The visions persisted.  Maybe she was going crazy. Maybe Allison, her friend and other secretary at the law firm, was right to force her to see a parapsychologist.
"I think your experiencing a psychic phenomenon." Allison had suggested. "Like ESP or something."

The next morning Rebecca sat in Bernard Clark’s office once again. Something about the heavy-set, middle-aged man with salt and pepper hair and scruffy beard reminded her of her grandfather. As usual, he listened to her story with a serious expression.
Was this really helping? How many hours had she spent sitting across from the mammoth mahogany desk, staring at the book-lined shelves behind him? And so far she didn’t know anything more than before. Once more, that’s it. If nothing changed today, she’d quit coming. Maybe he was a quack, like her brother said. Rebecca took a breath and relaxed in the comfortable atmosphere, inhaled the smell of new leather that clung to the chair and leaned back. Okay, maybe she did have a deep extra sensory perception connection with someone. The question was with whom.
“I think you need to find this person,” Dr. Clark suggested. “It’s possible the physic mind is reaching out to you for help.”
"How?" That’s why she was here. If he didn’t help her figure it out, that was it. No more visits. Besides, it cost money and she couldn’t afford it? If Allison hadn’t agreed to pay half, well that was another story.
“Start with the dreams,” Dr. Bernard’s voice brought her back. “Tell me about them again.”
"Last night there were scenes with emergency vehicles. Someone got shot. I felt the pain in my shoulder." Rebecca shivered at the memory. "I wonder if he has something to do with law enforcement or other emergency operations. I’m sure I'd recognize the town if I ever saw it in person. It’s so vivid in my mind."
"Would you consider hypnotism?" Bernard fingered his stubbly beard. Intense blue eyes stared into hers. "Maybe your sub conscious mind will reveal the place or person or something to help you find it."
Leary about being hypnotized, but desperate to find who shared her mind, Rebecca agreed.
Under her hypnotic trance, she revealed the name of a shoe factory. A place called Booth’s Boots, and the name, Morris.

"It’s not much to go on," Rebecca told Allison later,” but it’s more than I knew before. Maybe Morris is my mind connection."
Encouraged by the information, Rebecca spent the better part of the day doing research, using the internet and keying in Booth’s Boots. Instantly several websites popped up.
“Okay, let’s check out Boothsboots.com.”
A website, showing various types of boots from hunting to work boots, popped up.
“This is great. Let’s see what this says.” She clicked on News and Events. “No help there. Okay, let’s try Outlet Stores.” Rebecca almost jumped out of her chair. “There it is!” A factory, located in Morrisville, Ohio.
“Morrisville, could that explain the name Morris?” A prickly sensation went up her spine. She was getting close.
“Okay, let’s try this.” Rebecca didn’t care that she was talking to herself. Besides, it wasn’t the first time. Keying the word Morrisville into the search engine, she held her breath, more determined than ever to find the town. If it took all day, then so be it.  A site popped up with several suggestions. “Okay, let’s see what this one is about.”  Morrisville.net homepage popped up and further down the page it showed.  Pictures taken around Morrisville.
She held her breath and clicked on one. The first picture that came up was a log cabin. No help there. “Okay how about this one? The Square. ” It looked familiar. Shivers ran up her spine. “Okay, how about Hotel Darby. “Yes! I’ve seen this place.” One more. She drew in her breath and clicked on Victorian.
“Oh my God, that’s it! That’s the house.” She almost jumped out of her chair. The Queen Anne house in her dreams sat on the screen big as life.  Where is this place?  Clicking back to the homepage, she found it on the map. “Not far from Wattsburg, only a three hour drives from here. I have to go there.”
"Allie." Rebecca phoned her friend. "I found it, I searched the net and I found it. Even pictures of the town. I recognized the buildings right down to the house."
"Calm down…" Allison tried to speak.
"I have to go there. It’s only a three hour drive." Not waiting for Allison’s response, Rebecca continued. "I have to find out who I’m connected with."
"What are you going to do?" Allison asked. “Walk into the little town and say hey, someone here is connected to my mind."
Rebecca laughed at her friend’s wit. “I have a plan. First I’ll go to the newspaper office and check for stories about someone being shot on Friday. Then I’ll try to find out where he is. I’m sure he’s alive.” Danger still lingered. Her intuition told her, but she couldn’t explain that to her friend.
"Maybe it’s a she," Allison said. "What makes you say he?"
"I don’t know." Rebecca paced the living room. "It’s just a feeling I have. It doesn’t matter, whoever it is, I have to go." Okay, it was a crazy scheme, but feelings like this couldn’t be ignored. “There’s no turning back now, Al, I have to find him.”
“Would you like me to go with you?” Allison said.
"I have to do this myself.”
“I don’t like this, Beck. You shouldn’t be doing this alone. What if it’s dangerous? I mean you see cop cars and stuff. What if he’s a criminal?”
Rebecca shivered. God, what if he was a criminal? No, something told her that wasn’t the case. Call it a gut feeling or intuition, whatever it was, Rebecca would bet her life he wasn’t a criminal.

“I’m sorry, Al. thanks for the offer, but no. I have to do this on my own. I’ll be fine. Really.”

Review from Amazon:

A great read!
Entangled Minds.

For starters the whole supernatural thing is usually like white noise to me but I had no problem understanding and slipping into this book. It is a fast paced read which are my favorites because, well, I’m just impatient and have a low threshold for slow drawn out plots. I love a book that just jumps right into the action right from page one and this book definitely did that. Rebecca’s journey was interesting, I found the character engaging and found it a light read, meaning it didn’t bog me down in a whole bunch of details. The author allowed me to fill in many of the blanks myself. I’d give this book 4 ½ stars, (only because paranormal isn’t my genre of choice) but for the sake of Amazon who doesn’t allow ½ stars (GRRR!) I’ll give this 5 STARS.

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